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Why Christians Must Repair Religious Liberty

If we ignore small problems such as broken windows, we will soon face much bigger problems. This also applies to religious liberty.

Think Again

Zacharias_140x190God has put enough into this world to make faith in Him a most reasonable thing. But He has left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason alone. Faith and reason must always work together in that plausible blend.

Alone, But Never Alone

Johnston-MarkFides sola est quae justificat; fides quae justificat non est sola – "It is faith alone that justifies; but faith that justifies is never alone!" This isn’t just a statement about the alone-ness of faith as the means by which we receive God’s justifying grace, but something much more far-reaching.

The Church and Violence Against Women

Moore_RussellMale violence against women is a real problem in our culture, one the church must address. Our responsibility here is not simply at the level of social justice but at the level of ecclesical justice as well.

Startled By Our Sun-Drenched World of Grace

Wax_5The beauty of redemption, the horror of sin, the offer of grace — they all come into sharper focus when we consider the goodness of our Creator, expressed so clearly in His blessing of sun and rain.

Clay Vessels

jillcarattiniweb3There are some churches that have a way of getting under your skin. For me, it also happened to be a church that got clay under my fingernails.

Prison, Purgatory, and Heaven

Prison_80x108Now more than ever we need to rethink the connection between showing mercy to trespassers and seeking forgiveness for our own trespasses. Revival will come to America when Christians begin doing justice to the American prison system.

Eight Ways We Can Represent God in This World

Mattera_JosephThe greatest privilege believers have this side of heaven is our calling to represent God to this world.

Should We Stop Singing Vicky Beeching Songs?

Moore_RussellIf Vicky Beeching were the worship leader of a congregation committed to a biblical understanding of sexuality, she would face the discipline of the church. But is that the same thing as a congregation singing songs written by someone outside of the congregation?

The Intensifying Attack on Christian Institutions

Plasterer_RickChristian institutions should not continue to function if they are required to compromise in doctrine or in practice on Christian faith or morality. It may be that distinctively Christian educational or social service institutions will not be legally possible in the future.

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