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The whole creation is declaring the reality of the Lord.

“Christians believe that the most likely explanation for a reasonable universe and one in which we experience ourselves as free can be found in a reasonable, personal God. As I said, Greek philosophy embraced the concept of logos, an ultimate creative reason as the source of all things. The Gospel of John applies this concept to Christ, as the Logos or Word of God through whom all things came to be.”

-          Chuck Colson, The Faith

“Who shall examine the secret depths of God? Who shall dare to treat of the eternal source of the universe? Who shall boast of knowing the infinite God, Who fills all and surrounds all, Who enters into all and passes beyond all, Who occupies all and escapes all?...Understand the creation, if you wish to know the Creator…”

-          Columbanus, Sermon I

“And if you want to know how, or by what reason, all things that are made through the Word thus subsist vitally, casually, and in the same manner in him, consider examples chosen from created nature. Learn to know the maker from those things that are made in him and by him.”

-          Eriugena, Homily on John 1:1-14

“In attestation of his wondrous wisdom, both the heavens and the earth present us with innumerable proofs, not only those more recondite proofs which astronomy, medicine, and all the natural sciences, are designed to illustrate, but proofs which force themselves on the notice of the most illiterate peasant, who cannot open his eyes without seeing them.”

-          John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion

“A Calvinist who seeks God, does not for a moment think of limiting himself to theology and contemplation, leaving the other sciences , as of a lower character, in the hands of unbelievers; but, on the contrary, looking upon it as his task to know God in all his works, he is conscious of having been called to fathom with all the energy of his intellect, things terrestrial as well as things celestial; to open to view both the order of creation, and the ‘common grace’ of the God he adores, in nature and its wondrous character, in the production of human industry, in the life of mankind, in sociology and in the history of the human race.”

-          Abraham Kuyper, Lectures on Calvinism

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.

-          Romans 1:19, 20

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. . . the Church’s mission is to make visible God’s invisible Kingdom in the world. Since God lives in the midst of His people, we in turn are called to share in and reveal His loving character to our neighbors. We are to bring God’s holiness to bear in every area of life.