Devolving Aesthetics

Disheveled Appearances

Has anyone else noticed the general decay of appearance in those leading the church from Sunday to Sunday?

Pastors in jeans, Worship Leaders with uncombed hair, others with t-shirts, shorts, and other assorted everyday clothing. It seems to me that the overall "look" of the church has become sloppy and disheveled in an effort to "make people comfortable."

Has anyone else noticed? What do you think? Can anyone from a more formal worship setting share their thoughts about their experience?


"Disheveled or laid-back?
great question Mark. Isn't appearance in the eye of the beholder to a large degree? When I think of Mark Driscoll, Seattle Urban with jeans, and Rick Warren, Southern Cal easy living with Hawaii shirts, they remind me of English missionaries to China of another era. From the natives' viewpoint, what looks out of place is a gospel that converts one to a foreign style of dress.