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Welcome to the Worldview Church, a resource platform for local church leaders. You will find:
  • Insights in understanding the times in the context you minister.
  • Resources to Equip to think and live as Jesus’ “light and salt” within the world.
  • Invitations to Engage through networking with fellow ministers to engage culture with the unreduced Gospel.

What_We_Seek_coverTo learn more about the vision and objectives of The Worldview Church, download a copy of our Kingdom Manifesto,
What We Seek.


This web platform is an extension of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, a ministry arm of Prison Fellowship. Our mission unfolds according to a three-fold focus:

  • Revive God’s people: Teaching and equipping church leaders to train their people for Kingdom living in every area of their lives, increasingly, and to the glory of God.
  • Renew the local church: Encourage and assist church leaders in working to build healthy, growing churches, characterized by unity and maturity, and seeking the progress of God’s Kingdom in all of life.
  • Awaken our communities: Providing church leaders with vision, resources, and assistance in leading their churches to realize more of their potential as salt, light, and leaven for the Kingdom of God, that they might become the joy and beauty of their communities, to the praise of the glory of God’s grace.

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1. Does this ministry have a statement of beliefs?
We affirm the Apostles’ Creed and other essential distinctives share among evangelical Protestants. However, we are not a local church nor a denomination. The editorial staff reports to our parent ministry, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, an missional arm of Prison Fellowship.

2. What is your position on cooperating with Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox on some initiatives?
As part of our mission, we promote serious theological dialog with the hope of affirming as much of biblical orthodoxy allows without either minimizing our evangelical identity or evading unresolved differences. We invite you to read Chuck Colson’s book, The Faith, endorsed by a wide-range of evangelical leaders and scholars.


The Worldview Church website is an extension of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview that engages local churches’ spiritual shepherds. With this web platform, the Colson Center will continue to generate new initiatives to focus on cultivating a moment among like-minded ministries according to its overall objectives. In doing so, we recognize the central role of the Lord Jesus’ Church and those called to shepherd His people.

Current Projects under Development

The National Action Center Project: one central (web) place for church leaders to go to view a calendar of upcoming campaigns/gatherings, hosted/led by various movement partners and other vetted sources. The preliminary design is accessed through the homepage and is undergoing field-testing.

The Revive Web Project: this resource center is composed of vetted material that we judge to have lasting value, articulating genuine biblical insight about the critical need of the day. For comments or resource recommendations, please contact Pastor Sam Smith, the Worldview Church managing editor.

The Study Project: while we currently provide occasional on-line course, we will be offering an extended array of web-based opportunities to go deeper into understanding the biblical design of the reviving and renewing dimensions of the local church.

Fostering Collaboration among Academics: facilitated by T.M. Moore, this initiative is to explore ideas and projects in collaboration with seminaries and other institutions. The Colson Center desires to promote worldview thinking, especially among pastors and students preparing for local church ministry.

Content Team

General Editor: T.M. Moore
Editor: Sam Smith
Associate Editors: Chuck Huckaby, Mark Sooy

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