Holy Community
Awakening Versus Church Growth

Smith serves as the managing editor of the Worldview Church and lives in the lower peninsula of northern Michigan

The Church in America is in deep trouble and these are serious times. As long as churches seek to “grow” through superficial attractional methods and neglect the more profound issues of our spiritual poverty, then we are not on the same page as Jesus’ Great Commission plan.  Recognizing this challenge, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview has task the Worldview Church with this message.

Is there anything we do to be the Lord’s instrument in our sphere of influence? The Awakening theme isn’t about revival, the stirring of the Lord’s people to live more fully for the Gospel of the Kingdom and thus God’s glory (this is revival leading to renewal). Rather, it is about the influence that the Holy Spirit so chooses to use in connecting a renewed church to being His instrument in drawing others to Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join us for our February 4th webinar on Awakening . As part of our on-going “Seeking the Kingdom” series, we offer 2 sessions this month via a Go-To Meeting web technology.  This means participants ask questions and make observations for all others to hear, either via “Voice Over the Internet” or through phoning in—whichever you prefer, however through using your computer you will be able to view additional material.

Our presenter, T.M. Moore, first sets the subject in its biblical perspective and then moves the conversation to how local church pastors can best serve the mission field the Lord has called their church to serve. In other words, revival and renewal of God’s people (in the local church) has an effect on the watching community.

To understand our theological defense, please read our seven-page position paper called What We Seek.”

A Webinar Invitation

We offer either 2:00 or 9:15 pm Eastern, for our ongoing conversations about the Kingdom of God. All sessions are online, free, but space is limited. if you’d like to join us, send an email to T. M. Moore at tmmoore@ailbe.org.