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Restoring the Church

This is the first in our new monthly series of Pastor to Pastor studies. Clement, a disciple of Paul, was dealing with a problem that threatened the well-being of the churches in Corinth.

From One, All (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanAugustine’s view of the cosmos, humankind, history, and the dispensations of men and nations is grounded in the sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness of God, as revealed in His Word.

In His Image (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanHuman beings are the image-bearers of God. In particular, this means they possess a spiritual component which enables them to commune with spiritual reality, especially, God.

In-Between (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanPeople are not animals. They are the image-bearers of God, a kind of “in-between” creature in the divine economy, charged with the task of overseeing and restoring all things to the “good” condition God intended for them from the beginning.

God and Good (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanTo understand what “good” is we have to begin with God. He defines the terms of “good.” The world as He created it was good because He created it according to how He conceived it in His good and perfect understanding. How could it be anything else?

True Happiness (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanCitizens of the heavenly city are forgiven; their names are written in heaven! Nothing this life can throw at them can rob them of their true happiness, for happiness is rooted in unchanging eternal verities, held securely in the hand of Him Who made the world and rules over it sovereignly in whole and part.

Reason, Not Chance (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanAugustine would feel right at home in a contemporary conversation about origins and cosmology. He would scoff at the idea that “chance” had anything to do with the universe or where or how it is.

A Difference of Deities (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanThe highest privilege and delight of the heavenly citizens is to know and worship the one true God. They do not need to be admired or immortalized; they know and worship Him Who is above all admirable and Who grants life and immortality to all who love and obey Him.

The Strait Way (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanAll the arguments of unbelievers against the faith of Christ cannot undo the plain teaching of Scripture. If we incline our hearts to His Word, we will surely give the necessary time for reading, studying, and learning it. Then we will be able to obey it, though all the world is against us.

Grace Upon Grace (Series: The Church on the Hot Seat)

AmbroseOfMilanWe who are mortal, changeable, unjust, and wretched God transforms and retools for an eternal mission of grace and truth. Truly, here is grace upon grace from our loving heavenly Father!

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