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Review of Smart-Phone App “Seek God for the City, 2013”

huckabyRev. Chuck Huckaby is the Minister of Congregational Life at First Protestant Church in New Braunfels, TX. You can find his page on Facebook.com

Waymakers is a mobilization ministry focused on seeing Christ glorified by obedient, worshiping movements in every people group. It’s website is http://Waymakers.org

The “smartphone” is a great resource for Christians who want to upgrade their devotional life! One inexpensive yet excellent resource in that regard is the “Seek God For The City 2013” prayer application (hereafter “app”) from Waymakers.org. The program is updated annually and the current version is the one recently released for 2103.

iphone5-screen1-227x390The “Seek God For The City 2013” app actually began its journey as an annual printed prayer resource for the first 40 days of Lent. Those guides were formed to support broader movements of prayer within the evangelical church such as the “prayer walking movement” and the “Global Day of Prayer” with which Waymakers.org is still associated. That colorful printed guide is still used by churches in many locations every year.

The print version is certainly handy enough to carry with one’s Bible. Like most dated resources though, it gets laid aside as if prayer had an “expiration date”. Starting last year, however, the print guide began appearing in the format of an annually updated app for one’s Android or iOS phone or tablet. The digital format allows the prayer content to be used year round to give one’s prayer life breadth and depth.

From February 13th to March 24th, 2013 (Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday) just open the application and click “Today’s Prayer”. The user then prays sequentially through the 40 days. To use the software before or after the designated days, do the same and the option to click “Pick a Prayer for Me” is available to choose a day’s prayer at random.

In the short span of 40 days, a few minutes per day, one can pray both around one’s community and around one’s world. The prayers for one’s community are grounded in scripture and address a wide variety of life situations and needs common to all communities. Prayers for regions of the world are linked to the website of Operation World’s respective pages for that region (http://www.operationworld.org). The app contains all the prayers and resources found in the printed version for under $1.

The software allows for personalized daily reminders to pray. Additional tools prompt users to participate in a cycle of praying, caring and sharing within their communities to “put feet to one’s prayers”. Most importantly, this app encourages prayer to move beyond selfish personal requests into prayers asking God to fulfill His stated purposes for the world in scripture. A broader prayer horizon will likely result from using this guide.

More information on the app is available here: http://www.waymakers.org/app. Cick here for Youtube Video review.